SSIC-HECE: a new proposal for the new, enlarged Europe

Since 2001, the interest and the need for some new international curricular programs, starting from SSIC, has been clearly shown by many European transition Countries, as well as by Italy itself to prepare clinical engineering specialists able to implement and work on integrated health systems in the new, enlarged Europe. The reform of the university studies in Italy and in Europe (both in the EU and in the other European countries) according to the Bologna Declaration has therefore stimulated the transformation of the Specialization School of Clinical Engineering in a new set of curricula called "Higher Education in Clinical Engineering" (HECE), or, in Italian language "Studi Superiori in Ingegneria Clinica" (SSIC again).

SSIC-HECE: MIC and SMMCE - two serial masters. The flexibility of the new educational offer.
Within SSIC-HECE two serial masters of one year each have been activated, each with a curriculum of 60 ECTS (European credits).

The first one, called Master of "Clinical Engineering" (MIC) will give a professional education, while the second one, called International "Specialist Master of Management in Clinical Engineering" (SMMCE) will give a managerial-organizational education.